Sunday, 30 December 2007

Merry Christmas

I guess I start with the question, “what did you receive?” Somehow it is also laughable the things that I receive from my parents. I do not mean to be ungrateful, but if you look up my site biography, you will wonder where a spray tan machine fits with my own particular brand of beauty. Never-the-less, without going over board, I have enjoyed the fact I have been more of a giver this year than a receiver when thinking of gifts. I also spared the time to wrap my gifts; normally I cheat and put them in decorative bags or pay someone else to do it for me.

I have also received one or two special gifts, one as a result of a comment said in jest and at my forgetful nature to wrap up warm, thanks to a special mascot.

But, I have to say, I received the kind of news which only over-shadows any physical gift this year, and at a particularly festive time was very welcome and surprising at the same time. If I have met you then maybe I can share this, but until then, I am just being a tease.

Perhaps for some of you out there, Christmas was a very uneventful day, as I noticed 150 people checked out my website. Maybe you were all snug, but thinking about future plans for after the mound of turkey, and for when the in-laws have been packed away, back to their own homes.

I also received one or two festive text messages which I appreciated, but oddly a phone call as well on that day, which was certainly perplexing and not appreciated. Especially when you quickly figure out that the person in question wants to waste time on such a day. Hopefully, you had a lovely time with better things to do, but you will just have to wait for New Year’s fun, rather than the festive variety from me. Happy New Year and a warm welcome to 2008.

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Ramsey V Macdonalds

Is Gordon Ramsey the Ronald MacDonald of Michelin starred restaurants around the world? I know that technically he would not like any of his restaurants referred to as a chain, I am sure he would be offended. But it is certain that his name is founding restaurants in major cities and events towns in some parts of the English speaking world and much further I suspect. But I am sure his all encompassing genius for managing such things, there will be a time, whereby his name will be as prevalent as the golden arches, only of course they stand at very different ends of eating establishments.

I write about this as I was invited this week to one of Ramsey’s restaurants and I had a wonderful time there too. But, I think it was more to do with the mischievous nature of the company I was spending time with, and no matter where I go, it is always nice to be treated as a special guest and view my hosts effort and thought. This week Kate Spicer’s reviews Ramsey’s restaurant ‘The London’ in New York in the following Times article:

Although, I fail to see the writers view on there being an issue with Ramsey’s restaurants being a safe bet. I think his restaurants cost a little too much to risk a culinary firework display. Especially if it is the kind of place people rely on to celebrate and impress their guests or reward work colleagues. I also find it very strange that the times always seems to have articles, just at the time that I have thought, talked about or taken part in some activity for an article to appear the following Sunday. As I have noticed that I do not have a reporter stalker, it must be down to subliminal messages. And I never thought I was that gullible to the effects of advertising.

I also worked within the catering industry some time ago and I like to observe how different restaurants operate, and I do hate bad customer service. (And please note I am a good cook, I will never achieve the quality of chef’s standard, but as per the punterlink review, I am pretty good.) I am very grateful for that time, it is certainly character building and the very best position for learning about how to treat people, how to be around people and to have some fun as well. For this reason, I am not a fan of being shown around the kitchens, and I would especially avoid the kitchen tour if Ramsey himself were present.

Thursday, 20 December 2007

My brand of fun involves a lot of hard work, Merry Christmas.

Well it is also true that I put a lot of effort into meeting you gentlemen. What with buying clothes, which as strange as this sounds is a bit of a chore to me, I try to do as much as possible online. With the exception of vintage shops which are little treasure troves of gems and never with the same hassle factor as with other shops. But no, I have spent the last two days in housewife mode, only without the husband and a little more glamorous with the red lips. I was trying to welcome some foreign friends of mine who have never experienced Christmas, as we know it to be here in the UK.

I think I managed to pull of the stops out to spread a little cheer to my friends. They just could not believe that the Turkey and all the usual trimming was the usual requirement of a Christmas dinner. Maybe here in the west we are gluttonous. There is something about working very hard for entertaining purposes, which means that as the host you cannot sit down all night, I can imagine women all over the UK on the 25th are on hyper-drive and need valium at the end of the night.

But as the first time I have ever made this kind of effort instead of sitting back and receiving (?) all the good stuff. And I find, in any context that it is worth it. There is nothing better to see the look on people’s face and seeing then enjoying all the hard work I put into anything that I do. In addition, how seasonal can the party be as we celebrated a new born child? This blog may be rather twee, but when you also spend some time around your parents, XXX rated thoughts tend to go out of the window as I play the good girl role.

Hopefully, I have some time to catch up on my fantasy scenarios tonight.

Sunday, 9 December 2007

To Scotland, with love

On the upside, there are some great people far over the Roman walls which are just great. Thank you for making sure my trip to Scotland was pleasurable. I fell in love with Scottish energy and personalities some time ago when I danced in the cities. Firstly in Edinburgh as a group of girls were asked to fly up north to represent the club Spearmint Rhino. I do remember it being particularly nippy at that time, but we made the most of Scotland, as the club would close at 1am, there was plenty of time to act my age and enjoy myself after work. That weekend, Jordan a.k.a. Katie Price, also came to open the club and I was approached by her manager to dance for Jordan as part of a documentary.

But, I have my reasons for being publicity shy even then for anything requiring my pictures all over the place. Good luck to anyone that has to live that way, but fame is not my cup of tea, I would much rather be her manager, and it makes more sense too! Always choose to be the power behind the throne, which is my preference.

I discovered the great fudge kitchen, which I always go on about, but I missed out this last week. Just so you know guys this can be ordered on-line, not as long lasting as stockings, but I can live with only memories.

However, I have to say, whilst Edinburgh is a wondrous city and I can imagine the backdrop to Jekyll and Hyde as many say this is real source of scenery in the novel and not London. There is always much more adventure to be had in Glasgow. I also worked in a club there some time ago. Only bizarre things can happen in Glasgow, as it is not too straight laced. I think this is the first time I ever got locked into somewhere, and I tested the hypothesis about kilts. The quality of the city seems to have vastly improved. Of course, aside from the gentlemen I have met there, both cities have fantastic retro stores to ponder in. I met with a lovely girl from one of the sites I am on and we went to eat at monster mash, sorry serious comfort food, and yes aimed at the student market. We followed that up with a trip to a wonderful shop. You can be sure that my purchases will be added to one of my photograph collections soon enough.

Well anyway, I shall certainly return to Glasgow in the not too distant future, so here is my dedication to this great city. See you soon guys.

Well this is my first rant…

Hopefully with not too many to follow. I know that a meeting between the sexes can be nervous under any circumstances and people can tend to crumble and loose their nerve from time to time. See one of my previous journal entries. However backing out on the day of an arranged meeting in this context it is difficult to then fathom whether the person had any intention of meeting. The problem for genuine people is that is too often escorts receive offers of various and dubious natures.

Unfortunately, it is not until the moment of meting that I can be entirely convinced of your plans following initial discussions. This is the reason as to why barriers such as hotel confirmations and must exist. But on a personal note and I know this clashes the in-built pitfalls of the escort industry, I am a fairly happy person, who likes to trust and to be generous and I do not want to become overly cynical. I have worked hard to become well educated and I would prefer to meet quality gentlemen. My selectivity and prices exist to make sure that I remain a lady that any gentleman would love to meet, and share some fun and laughter. I am also too cute to carry off a moody face, smiling is the best invitation to fun that I can think off.

Saturday, 8 December 2007

This is a special request.

Ok, I will put this request out there, and I am sure there will be people that may laugh at this. Guys, give up the contact lenses unless it is sports time. As you guys do not have a lot of accessories to play around with, you should all be having experimenting with glasses. I love a guy that wears glasses, think of it as a way to extend and focus your personality.

This is a confession to my not so very secret crush on Louis Theroux; I can only say the glasses add to the allure. But do not be cheap; if you’re reading this journal then I hope you are not. Buy the best you can afford and do not skimp, as you have to wear them everyday, avoid spec savers. Get one of the lovely young female assistants to help, learn about your face shape to get the best of your purchase. Unfortunately, however cruel this sounds, if you look like an idiot, then glasses only exaggerate this, you have to be a brainy boffin or the arty type. Trust me on this, wear them, if we meet, wear them for me, and you will have my private attention long after.

Please see below for a good example.

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Monday, 3 December 2007


Ok, one mystery of the universe to be solved. A person could have all the intelligence in the world, life experience with the ability to manage tricky situations and being able to swim in the deep end (metaphorically). Why then is there always one person, every now and again, where you cannot fail to appear a complete and utter idiot. If there were a time where I wish I could have eaten my words, it would have been today!

Oh did I just say that most embarrassing thing! I think I have just completely failed to portray a calm, smooth and collected image. The problem is it happened once before, I thought it would not be an issue the second time, but no out pop the words and uncontrolled exuberance. So much for being in charge.

Saturday, 1 December 2007

OK, I admit I am looking. Girls just get away with it better

My new found tool of the moment is swimming goggles. Although I am no where near Olympic level, I could have done Baywatch for real and my nickname at one stage was ‘fish’. I always used to hate wearing goggles, they get in the way and felt so unnatural; preferring to sport red eyes for hours after. But now as a woman with hormones, I have perverted the use of goggles. But yes, I am looking in the water as you swim past. I am sure all you guys do it too, but I think women have the unfair advantage where not only do we get away it better, but even when caught, the male ego, (I think) would only be flattered!

Normally, not many people catch my eye when I am swimming. Occasionally, there will be a ‘pretty boy’, and I might look. But they often spend five minutes at the side of the pool stretching, only to get in the fast lane of the pool and even after I have done 20 lengths, I will either have to slow down or overtake them.
But I think for the first time in ages, a male overtook me, in which case I had to look, as he was obviously genuinely fit and not just posing. And yes I was impressed and very naughty for peeking! But a little annoyed he overtook me, which is bound to bring out the competitor in me; I do not think he overtook again that in that session.

I think someone should conduct poolside research on lewd glances. I am certain, although it is difficult to catch women peeking, that they certainly would have more to tally on the peek chart than men.