Thursday, 20 December 2007

My brand of fun involves a lot of hard work, Merry Christmas.

Well it is also true that I put a lot of effort into meeting you gentlemen. What with buying clothes, which as strange as this sounds is a bit of a chore to me, I try to do as much as possible online. With the exception of vintage shops which are little treasure troves of gems and never with the same hassle factor as with other shops. But no, I have spent the last two days in housewife mode, only without the husband and a little more glamorous with the red lips. I was trying to welcome some foreign friends of mine who have never experienced Christmas, as we know it to be here in the UK.

I think I managed to pull of the stops out to spread a little cheer to my friends. They just could not believe that the Turkey and all the usual trimming was the usual requirement of a Christmas dinner. Maybe here in the west we are gluttonous. There is something about working very hard for entertaining purposes, which means that as the host you cannot sit down all night, I can imagine women all over the UK on the 25th are on hyper-drive and need valium at the end of the night.

But as the first time I have ever made this kind of effort instead of sitting back and receiving (?) all the good stuff. And I find, in any context that it is worth it. There is nothing better to see the look on people’s face and seeing then enjoying all the hard work I put into anything that I do. In addition, how seasonal can the party be as we celebrated a new born child? This blog may be rather twee, but when you also spend some time around your parents, XXX rated thoughts tend to go out of the window as I play the good girl role.

Hopefully, I have some time to catch up on my fantasy scenarios tonight.

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