Saturday, 1 December 2007

OK, I admit I am looking. Girls just get away with it better

My new found tool of the moment is swimming goggles. Although I am no where near Olympic level, I could have done Baywatch for real and my nickname at one stage was ‘fish’. I always used to hate wearing goggles, they get in the way and felt so unnatural; preferring to sport red eyes for hours after. But now as a woman with hormones, I have perverted the use of goggles. But yes, I am looking in the water as you swim past. I am sure all you guys do it too, but I think women have the unfair advantage where not only do we get away it better, but even when caught, the male ego, (I think) would only be flattered!

Normally, not many people catch my eye when I am swimming. Occasionally, there will be a ‘pretty boy’, and I might look. But they often spend five minutes at the side of the pool stretching, only to get in the fast lane of the pool and even after I have done 20 lengths, I will either have to slow down or overtake them.
But I think for the first time in ages, a male overtook me, in which case I had to look, as he was obviously genuinely fit and not just posing. And yes I was impressed and very naughty for peeking! But a little annoyed he overtook me, which is bound to bring out the competitor in me; I do not think he overtook again that in that session.

I think someone should conduct poolside research on lewd glances. I am certain, although it is difficult to catch women peeking, that they certainly would have more to tally on the peek chart than men.

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