Sunday, 23 December 2007

Ramsey V Macdonalds

Is Gordon Ramsey the Ronald MacDonald of Michelin starred restaurants around the world? I know that technically he would not like any of his restaurants referred to as a chain, I am sure he would be offended. But it is certain that his name is founding restaurants in major cities and events towns in some parts of the English speaking world and much further I suspect. But I am sure his all encompassing genius for managing such things, there will be a time, whereby his name will be as prevalent as the golden arches, only of course they stand at very different ends of eating establishments.

I write about this as I was invited this week to one of Ramsey’s restaurants and I had a wonderful time there too. But, I think it was more to do with the mischievous nature of the company I was spending time with, and no matter where I go, it is always nice to be treated as a special guest and view my hosts effort and thought. This week Kate Spicer’s reviews Ramsey’s restaurant ‘The London’ in New York in the following Times article:

Although, I fail to see the writers view on there being an issue with Ramsey’s restaurants being a safe bet. I think his restaurants cost a little too much to risk a culinary firework display. Especially if it is the kind of place people rely on to celebrate and impress their guests or reward work colleagues. I also find it very strange that the times always seems to have articles, just at the time that I have thought, talked about or taken part in some activity for an article to appear the following Sunday. As I have noticed that I do not have a reporter stalker, it must be down to subliminal messages. And I never thought I was that gullible to the effects of advertising.

I also worked within the catering industry some time ago and I like to observe how different restaurants operate, and I do hate bad customer service. (And please note I am a good cook, I will never achieve the quality of chef’s standard, but as per the punterlink review, I am pretty good.) I am very grateful for that time, it is certainly character building and the very best position for learning about how to treat people, how to be around people and to have some fun as well. For this reason, I am not a fan of being shown around the kitchens, and I would especially avoid the kitchen tour if Ramsey himself were present.

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