Saturday, 8 December 2007

This is a special request.

Ok, I will put this request out there, and I am sure there will be people that may laugh at this. Guys, give up the contact lenses unless it is sports time. As you guys do not have a lot of accessories to play around with, you should all be having experimenting with glasses. I love a guy that wears glasses, think of it as a way to extend and focus your personality.

This is a confession to my not so very secret crush on Louis Theroux; I can only say the glasses add to the allure. But do not be cheap; if you’re reading this journal then I hope you are not. Buy the best you can afford and do not skimp, as you have to wear them everyday, avoid spec savers. Get one of the lovely young female assistants to help, learn about your face shape to get the best of your purchase. Unfortunately, however cruel this sounds, if you look like an idiot, then glasses only exaggerate this, you have to be a brainy boffin or the arty type. Trust me on this, wear them, if we meet, wear them for me, and you will have my private attention long after.

Please see below for a good example.

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