Sunday, 9 December 2007

To Scotland, with love

On the upside, there are some great people far over the Roman walls which are just great. Thank you for making sure my trip to Scotland was pleasurable. I fell in love with Scottish energy and personalities some time ago when I danced in the cities. Firstly in Edinburgh as a group of girls were asked to fly up north to represent the club Spearmint Rhino. I do remember it being particularly nippy at that time, but we made the most of Scotland, as the club would close at 1am, there was plenty of time to act my age and enjoy myself after work. That weekend, Jordan a.k.a. Katie Price, also came to open the club and I was approached by her manager to dance for Jordan as part of a documentary.

But, I have my reasons for being publicity shy even then for anything requiring my pictures all over the place. Good luck to anyone that has to live that way, but fame is not my cup of tea, I would much rather be her manager, and it makes more sense too! Always choose to be the power behind the throne, which is my preference.

I discovered the great fudge kitchen, which I always go on about, but I missed out this last week. Just so you know guys this can be ordered on-line, not as long lasting as stockings, but I can live with only memories.

However, I have to say, whilst Edinburgh is a wondrous city and I can imagine the backdrop to Jekyll and Hyde as many say this is real source of scenery in the novel and not London. There is always much more adventure to be had in Glasgow. I also worked in a club there some time ago. Only bizarre things can happen in Glasgow, as it is not too straight laced. I think this is the first time I ever got locked into somewhere, and I tested the hypothesis about kilts. The quality of the city seems to have vastly improved. Of course, aside from the gentlemen I have met there, both cities have fantastic retro stores to ponder in. I met with a lovely girl from one of the sites I am on and we went to eat at monster mash, sorry serious comfort food, and yes aimed at the student market. We followed that up with a trip to a wonderful shop. You can be sure that my purchases will be added to one of my photograph collections soon enough.

Well anyway, I shall certainly return to Glasgow in the not too distant future, so here is my dedication to this great city. See you soon guys.

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