Sunday, 9 December 2007

Well this is my first rant…

Hopefully with not too many to follow. I know that a meeting between the sexes can be nervous under any circumstances and people can tend to crumble and loose their nerve from time to time. See one of my previous journal entries. However backing out on the day of an arranged meeting in this context it is difficult to then fathom whether the person had any intention of meeting. The problem for genuine people is that is too often escorts receive offers of various and dubious natures.

Unfortunately, it is not until the moment of meting that I can be entirely convinced of your plans following initial discussions. This is the reason as to why barriers such as hotel confirmations and must exist. But on a personal note and I know this clashes the in-built pitfalls of the escort industry, I am a fairly happy person, who likes to trust and to be generous and I do not want to become overly cynical. I have worked hard to become well educated and I would prefer to meet quality gentlemen. My selectivity and prices exist to make sure that I remain a lady that any gentleman would love to meet, and share some fun and laughter. I am also too cute to carry off a moody face, smiling is the best invitation to fun that I can think off.

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