Saturday, 15 March 2008

Maybe I am fickle

Maybe I am fickle, but it seems I am in love, with a country, doubt-less until the next beautiful one comes alone, so let’s say at least for the time being, Austria and I, we are enjoying a good relationship. The only downside is that I am a diet similar to that of a toddler due to a problem with my wisdom tooth. I am enjoying soup, yogurt and milk rice as I take the identity of the bride of Frankenstein’s monster, so that means no dates at the moment of course. But I had thought about the raging bull sketch,since I am not the usual pretty sight. And, no, I do not think anyone is talking to me at all right now! Which is fine by me, as I am in a bit of pain at the moment, but just guess, I also love the fact that Austria has high strength painkillers.

There are a few things which I have feel I have had the private privilege of experiencing. But all of them took the extra effort to receive them, but rewards are better than gifts. Aside from money and booking early, which meant I was sat in the front row at a string quartet this week, the only other way you will be rewarded here in Austria is to get up early and walk everywhere. The lazy option of taking lifts is just not the way to go, as when you get to the top of a pick of numerous hills you really feel elated at having made it to the top ready to collapse in time for the view.

My only concern about my stay in Austria is that I can visualise on returning to the U.K, desperately trying to pull open a door which opens inwards, only to go flying through when a person on the other side pulls it towards them. The only other downside is the usual hazard of hotel living, and the “in-room” entertainment, depending on how loud that entertainment is. Sometimes, I almost feel like knocking on the door and introducing myself.

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