Saturday, 15 March 2008

Public expressions

Returning to Glasgow for the last time for a few months ahead of my trip to Austria, and I have learnt a vital lesson. Having finally bought laptop, I thought the down time spent on the train was the ideal time to play with my new toy. I decided to watch West Side Story during the journey, having only seen clips of the film up to that stage; I never thought I would have to hold back tears. Only, I had to remember I am not in a private space; I looked like your typical emotional female on the train with the passengers all around me.

For a change I had some female company on this visit to Glasgow, another lady from North East. On the one occasion, that company was appreciated by the opposite of sex. But aside from that, most of the time it was great to have some support and to be able to discuss our days in the city. At least when we watched another sad film, we were not in public, so people could view these ‘female emotional shipwrecks’. But I think that is the idea of female bonding.

However, I am sorry that I am not staying longer in Glasgow, as there is a club here that is hosting an extravagant night for Valentine’s Day, a chance to wear my very best dressing up clothes. But, obviously, I have other adventures to attend to in Austria, yet I do not think there will be much opportunity for my highest heels, but I will pack them under my usual optimistic outlook.

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