Saturday, 15 March 2008

Where does 2008 start?

I really did not stand of chance of writing before now, but it starts when you begin your resolutions. After was a homely and quiet start bringing in the New Year with close friends and I learnt that I am a miserable poker player. I do not think I quite understood the royal flush and made bets on a useless hand, and dare I say it, I lost all my chips fairly quickly. I think my role is better played as lady luck in the casino.

Well this year, instead of the usual, lose weights, exercise more and travel, which are still on my list of resolutions. I decided the most important rule for 2008, is to follow a far more hedonistic approach to life. It is all very well being sensible, but I also need to act my age little more often, and in this case, follow the growing old disgracefully model.

To begin my plans, where else, so I thought than Amsterdam. In the name of research, a trip to the red light district followed by a sex show. It is quite intriguing to view the world from the Dutch prospective, and overall I think it works, but it really is a tourist spot now. It is not much of a surprise to understand that the local Dutch gentlemen are not frequent visitors to the area. Similarly, watching the sex show was interesting. It started with a rather ordinary strip tease, which I am sorry and pleased to announce, I could have done with a lot more finesse. I found myself wondering when the show would skip to the good stuff.

Which I can only say when the show actually got started, it left me rather cold, I think sex should be fun, but not necessarily funny. I perhaps have never had the opportunity to chuckle so much at a sex, when sexual acts are introduced by some kind of martial arts display/dance by the incredible hulk; I defy anyone not to at least titter. It is rare that I feel ambivalent about a place, but Amsterdam is a city that fails to impress itself in my judgements.

The next trip, I had to visit Canterbury for more serious issues, could not have been any better. What a surprise for me to encounter this twee little town, and have the most memorable and as a consequence of practising some hedonism there too, most forgetful night. I am very sorry that I require reports of what a great night out I have had from other people. After all, when I have fun, I like to be able to recall my antics for future reference. I will always love the surprise element in most things that I do and appreciate it in the people that I meet and the places I visit.
Thanks for surprising me Canterbury.

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