Saturday, 10 January 2009

Welcome to 2009, are you feeling repressed yet?

Well one thing is for the sure, the major of London is not repressed. I read the funniest quote recently, Mr. Johnson states he has not had to masturbate in 20 years, because women find his large sexual presence so satisfying. Ok, I have met men like that, I can relate to what other women might be thinking. But here is an accusation he might have heard before, maybe he could be lacking imagination, which is the key to a man’s self pleasure, and less importantly, running London. But good for you, Mr. Johnson, a man with clean hands.

My last pledge to myself in 2008 was to be hedonistic, which lead me up some weird and wonderful avenues. Although, as someone quite rightly pointed out, you cannot count yourself in that club until you have been involved in an orgy! Well I was working on that one, but living in Moscow does not exactly make it easy. With that one allowance to be made for this year, I think everyone is in the process of sobering up to the good news ahead of us. Sadly, I have decided that includes me too. Aside from the usual, “I will read more, work out more, eat less, and drink less”, everyone has the mentality of poverty stricken Dickens’ characters, one step away from the debtors jail. Which could not be further from the truth, an aversion to lavishness is the theme to 2009. I am quite glad sometimes that I could not access the net and buy English newspapers in Moscow, I will be even happier to live in ignorance for a while on my return.

Then there are always more things to think about in a year ahead, you not only have to decide to cut out certain behaviours, but sometimes people have to be left behind too. On occasions, it can be very easily justified and these thoughts take little time to conclude. But sometimes, it takes real turmoil and strength to admit that you have made a misjudgement about a person, that something blinds you to their faults. So many have been there, I am sure. On the upside, with the dead wood chopped aside, there is lot more room and energy for new people and faithful people, that deserve your time and treat all people genuinely, honestly, and with real generosity.
And for me, new people, also means new employers!! So I can no longer have real drive over the year ahead, even my location is in their hands for now, so watch this space.

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