Thursday, 22 October 2009

What an adventurer needs

After a lot of travel this year and a number of amazing adventures. Can you blame a girl for wanting to runaway from the grey skylines of the UK. However, after a length of time with no decent men around to admire, I am happy to have some nice men to view. I thought I had my next adventure decided for me and though I have heard that Argentina is an amazing place to go, it was not the country which preoccupied my thoughts, but the host. Is it any wonder, travel often leads to going without fun for a stretch of time. You need a whole week to make up in order to recover. Why tango when you enjoy the result that the men in BA were longing for in bed. After numerous failed attempts and plans to get to some place or another to this host, it could only culminate in a farewell. However, I did post on a number of sites that I might visit soon and I was faced with a barrage of requests for things that other Brits abroad really miss.

Here is my list:
1 Sex – of course, you can’t rely on the presence of men in each place you go to. Or contemplate your colleagues, it is a small world

2 Marmite – even grown men weep at the lack of this brown sticky goo, so have I. Any guests in my next possible neighbourhoods (unknown at present) please bring this as a gift.

3 Well dressed and clean men. Thank you British men, most of you make some effort.

4 Western style toilets. Only women will understand this.

5 Baked beans, the best comfort food. Of all the nice restaurants I have managed to go to in the UK and abroad, I still adore Heinz.

6 Lastly, the English language. As much as I try to communicate in a range of other languages, it is nice to be understood and display some social skills. But this remains an occupational hazard for me.

In spite of this, I am still buzzing away to find the next place on my list. I have a much larger list of things that I don’t mind going without when I have adventures.

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